What is Trip & Karam ?


Trip and Karam from the English « Trip » and the Arabic « Karam » : Hospitality, Generosity.

Trip & Karam is the first network of muslim hospitality which attends to allow everyone to be hosted while respecting the islamic values and practices no matter what is the reason of your travel and no matter what is your religion. But not only ! Trip & Karam aims to be a means of meeting locals or travelers who are temporarily settled in a town and who want to meet new people.

Abu Shuraih reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “Whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day, let him honor his guest and recompense him.” They said, “O Messenger of Allah, what is his recompense?” The Prophet said, “It is for a day and a night, as good hospitality is for three days and after that it is charity.” And the Prophet said, “Whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day, let him speak goodness or remain silent.”

The key words are "Hospitality", "Share", "Respect" and "Cultural Openness" while respecting the Muslim traditions.
The platform remains open to everyone, muslims or not.
Join the movement, Welcome, meet, share !

The Karam Community

Enlarge our community of hosts and travelers

Trust & Safety

Our community is based on trust but you should always take precautions in order to enjoy your experience to the fullest


Profile & Verification

Read what hosts and guests say about themselves in their profiles and check whether they have a verified payment method, Government iD, or mobile phone number.


Messaging & References

Exchange with our member thanks to our messaging system to know each other better.Check the references that Karamers wrote after meeting each other.


Community Support

The Team strives every day to reinforce trust and safety on Trip & Karam. We remain at your disposal for any questions and in case of need.

Learn more about Trust & Safety.


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