About Trip & Karam

Founded in May of 2017 and based in Angers, France, Trip & Karam is a trusted hospitality community for locals and travelers to meet, host and be hosted for free around the world.

This project adresses the Muslim community primarily but remains open to everyone

Indeed, the prophet Muhammad (pbuh) has invited us to show generosity, hospitality and kindness.

Our ambition is to gather, reunite and facilitate the connection between hosts and travelers around the world in a spirit of fraternity and friendliness. That according to their beliefs and practices.

This project also aims to break stereotypes and prejudices inside and outside the umma, and to participate in the fight against "phobias" and discriminations.

For this purpose, we have set up some security mechanisms so that everyone can feel protected and secure. 

Belonging to the Karam community enables to: 

  • travel
  • meet new people
  • host travelers accordingly to Muslim traditions
  • discover new customs and cultures
  • discover the Muslim faith
  • connect muslims around the world
  • build a vibrant and supportive community