About Trip & Karam

Founded in May of 2017 and based in Angers, France, Trip & Karam is a trusted hospitality community for locals and travelers to meet, host and be hosted for free around the world.

This project adresses the Muslim community primarily but remains open to everyone

Indeed, the prophet Muhammad (pbuh) has invited us to show generosity, hospitality and kindness.

Our ambition is to gather, reunite and facilitate the connection between hosts and travelers around the world in a spirit of fraternity and friendliness. That according to their beliefs and practices.

This project also aims to break stereotypes and prejudices inside and outside the umma, and to participate in the fight against "phobias" and discriminations.

For this purpose, we have set up some security mechanisms so that everyone can feel protected and secure. 

Belonging to the Karam community enables to: 

  • travel
  • meet new people
  • host travelers accordingly to Muslim traditions
  • discover new customs and cultures
  • discover the Muslim faith
  • connect muslims around the world
  • build a vibrant and supportive community


The Karam team is an enterprising, dynamic, complementary and multi-talented team. We share a common project : to put these skills at the service of everyone to facilitate mutual support and welcoming of travelers.

Imane, 22 yo, a first year master student in International and European Law.
Curious and passionate about new cultures, Imane has been living in different countries.
A figure that inspire her? Ibn Battutah.
Always ready to go, she never misses a good occasion to travel. For her, traveling is to meet new cultures but also learn and get enriched from these experiences.

Ilias, 21 yo, first year « work/study » master student in System and Network Administrator.
Very keen of travels and new encounters, he was enthusiast about the idea and directly accepted to jump into the venture. Autodidact, he is passionate about computing and web development. Ilias also enjoys sport. He has a black belt in karate and he is an assistant coach in this sport.

The Karam Team is also the people who helped and supported us during the development of the project and still do: our family, friends, generous donators and active members of the Trip & Karam community.

Our values

Trip & Karam is a platform of hospitality respecting the Muslim ethic. Hence, our values are based on that. Morality is an integral part of the everyday life of the Muslim and aims to improve the greatness of soul.

If Hospitality exists since several milliners, Islam attributes a particular place to it.

Indeed, it is essential to take care of our guests and make them feel welcome. Moreover, guests have to respect their hosts and help them in the different tasks of daily life if needed.

Abu Shuraih Khuwailid Ibn ‘Amr Al-Khuza’ i (may Allah be pleased with him) reported that the Prophet (pbuh) said: « He who believes in Allah and the Last Day; should accommodate his guest according to his right. » He was asked « What is his right, O Messenger of Allah? » He (pbuh) replied: « It is (to accommodate him) for a day and a night, and hospitality extends for three days, and what is beyond that is charity. » (Al-Bukhari and Muslim)


Share your life, experiences, your travels, your home , your candies but also your knowledge and your kindness. We believe that if everyone show some generosity toward the others, the world will be a place much more different.


Respect the differences of everyone as well as those of your host, and his house. Try to be helpful in the places where you go in order to build a community even more supportive. Wherever you go, leave by bringing a smile to your host's face.


Meet people without prejudices, open yourself and learn even more than you would have imagined. Travelling means discovering other landscapes, other flavors but also other cultures and ways of living. Get out of your comfort zone. This is what will make the wealth of your travels.

Trust and Security

You have a second home and you are welcome everywhere you go. Participate to the positive and vibrant atmosphere of the community and to the security of members by reporting us some possible bad behaviors.


Live unforgettable experiences and travel in another way by getting into the local culture. Be yourself and make friends all over the world.


Opening up to the others firstly means opening up to oneself, challenging oneself and learning to listen but also to teach and to grow up. But above all, learn to be patient and build a better World all together.


Our aim is to share our desire to learn constantly new things about different cultures, beliefs, traditions than ours. We think that travel has to make one curious and is is a real and deep lesson and experience.


We commit ourselves to donate 10% of our benefits to charity.

Ambassador Program

Become a Trip & Karam Ambassador !


You love Trip & Karam and you would like to be part of the adventure and to be a major player of a global movement?


Trip & Karam is looking for ambassadors !

Their role? Representing us and informing new people of the project as well as making them understand the project and its values . But above all, making them love the project !

Your mission in one word? Spread the message ! 


Who are the ambassadors of Trip & Karam ?


Our ambassadors are dynamic, sociable and enthusiastic people! They share the values of Muslim hospitality, would like to undertake new projects and meet new people !

They are passionate about the discovery and travel. They get involved in the local culture by going towards the others during their travel and they wish/want to share these unique moments.


What is the mission of an Ambassador?


- They are representatives of Trip & Karam at a local level

- They also represent Trip & Karam during their travel

- They are in charge of making the platform known around them ( friends, acquaintances, colleagues, new encounters.. )

- To find new members to increase/expand the community

- To share contents and information on social networks

- To participate to events

- To organize meetings to talk about the project

- To introduce Trip & Karam to the press and to the journalists

- To offer actions and innovative projects to theTrip & Karam team


 Ambassador's level of involvement entirely depends on their motivation and their availability.


Why to become an ambassador ?


 Our objective is that our ambassadors become our local and/or mobile branches and a privileged group within Trip & Karam.

As representatives, they are players of a community in full expansion and they freely choose their means of action.

To become an ambassador is having the willing of getting involved to spread strong values and to be actor of a global movement. It is to show/demonstrate initiative and creativity!


Be a Trip & Karam ambassador can allow several things:

  • Increase your network and your circle of friends
  • Promote your activity within our network
  • Having the opportunity to see your contents of travel ( videos, pictures, articles etc ..) published on our blog/website
  • Having an "Ambassador" badge on your profile
  • Benefit from invitations to participate to events organized by Trip & Karam


In which cities can I apply ?

In any city of the worlds


Conditions required :


- Be of legal age ( +18 old )

- Be a Muslim and/or share the values of the Muslim etics

- Support Trip & Karam and its values

- Be a verified member

- Be available so that you can stay in touch with the Trip & Karam team and inform us of the actions taken

- Want to promote Trip & Karam among your friends, family, your work colleagues etc..

- Want to live a strong experience and be part of the success of a unique project


You have the profile of a Trip & Karam ambassador ? Send us a message via the contact form.

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