On the Home page of the website Trip & Karam (Trip & Karam), click on the button «Sign up » that suits you (by email, Facebook or Google+), then follow the steps and complete the form.
After you have completed the form, click the Register button. Once your registration is complete, confirm your account.

You will then be able to add basic information to your profile and create your hospitality ad (if you want to create one).



Once registered, go to your mailbox and click on the activation link in the confirmation email. Sometimes this email arrives in your Spam/Junk, consider looking there. If this is the case, add the Trip & Karam address to your accepted recipients to l receive all notifications properly. Contact us if you receive no Trip & Karam message on your mailbox.



The dashboard is a space that centralizes all your account activity. It is in this area you can edit your profile and your listing, see the hosting request you sent and received and manage your settings. To access it, log into your account and click your username or your photo in the top navigation bar.



It is important for you to complete your profile to the maximum, to give guests a good idea of who you are. Describe yourself in a few words and add a profile photo to build trust between travelers and hosts. If you do not complete your profile enough, you will not be able to send host requests.

To change or complete your profile, go to your Dashboard and click Edit Profile. Once the information is entered, click Save. You can also add or delete your profile picture by clicking on My photo.



If you want to deactivate your profile for a while, it’s possible. To do this, go to your Dashboard and click the ‘deactivate hyperlink’ in Account & Settings. You will no longer appear in search results and you will not be contacted.


Once you have completed your profile, you can meet travelers or locals by looking for member in the search bar ‘Explore’ on the top of the page. Type the name of the city of your choice and start the search.
Click on the members of your choice to see the details. Once on a profile that interests you, send a message to the member to explain him why you’re going to his town and why you would like to meet him etc.
Try to exchange as much as you can with the member before meeting him/her or them in real life.



The platform is open to EVERYONE. Trip & Karam offer the opportunity to discover Muslim faith, the rich diversity of the Muslim community and also the different traditions of the different communities.

The only condition is to respect the islamic ethic.




The accommodations offered by the members of Trip & Karam are free. If a person requires a financial compensation, please report it to us.



There is no requirement for the hosts to prepare a meal for theirs guests



Welcoming is never mandatory. If you receive a request for hospitality while you are not available, you are free to refuse it. Consider responding quickly to not let the traveler wait too long and enable him to continue his search for hospitality.



Cancellations from a host on a confirmed reservation can pose real problems for travelers. However, we understand that sometimes you cannot do otherwise.


In this case, it is important to:

  1. Contact the traveler to inform him of the cancellation
  2. Urge them to make other requests for accommodation on Trip & Karam
  3. See if you know anyone who can join Trip & Karam and host your guest for you


To cancel a reservation, go to your Dashboard> Hosting confirmed> Conversation> Cancel reservation



Once you have completed your profile to give guests a good idea of who you are, you can send a request to be hosted by doing a host search in the search bar ‘Find a Host’ at the top. Type the name of the city of your choice and start the search.

Click on the profile of your choice to see the details. Once on a profile that interests you, click on ’Send a request’ and enter the dates for the beginning and end of your stay, write a message to your host and click on ‘Send’.

Once these steps are complete, check your mailbox or your dashboard regularly to watch for the approval of the host and confirm your stay.




We are committed to building a community based on trust. Even if you have established a relationship of trust with your guest, we understand that you want to protect yourself from any inconvenience.
If it makes you feel better, please keep your valuables safe in a cabinet or in a locked room.



You are free to give a set of keys to your guest or not, according to how comfortable you feel with that.

If you don’t want, you can define schedules together to meet. We invite you to discuss this in advance with them.



If a person staying with you inadvertently causes property damage, you will have to count on your home insurance and the civil responsibility of your guest. This happens in exactly the same way as if you had a friend at your home that inadvertently broke one of your object ! Contact your insurer to find out more about your coverage for property damage.




References (comments) are feedback members write on each other’s profiles describing their experiences with one another. Members cannot delete or change any references left for them.



User feedback is one of the most reliable sources to help hosts and travelers to make their choices.


To leave a reference about a recent trip, a recent guest you hosted or an encounter, visit the profile of the member, click on ‘Plus’ then on ‘Leave a reference’.
You’ll then be able to leave a reference in the right category:

  • Personal: if you met the member
  • Host: if you hosted the member
  • Guest: if you have been hosted by the member

Besides the reference, you can indicate if your experience was: positive, neutral or negative.


Member-to-Member Issues


Yes. We will not inform a member that you reported him but we will take the appropriate actions according to the issue you report.
The member may make the logical assumption that you have been in contact with us.

In a serious case, law enforcement and our lawyers will have access to your report.



If you receive a message that is outside of our Terms of Use, please alert us by using the ‘Report’ button. We will check whether the content that you reported respect our Terms of Use.
We generally avoid reading messages.
On very rare occasions we may check messages upon request, if we believe that doing so can prevent a crime or otherwise protect the safety of the community.