The Karam team is an enterprising, dynamic, complementary and multi-talented team. We share a common project : to put these skills at the service of everyone to facilitate mutual support and welcoming of travelers.

Imane, 22 yo, a first year master student in International and European Law.
Curious and passionate about new cultures, Imane has been living in different countries.
A figure that inspire her? Ibn Battutah.
Always ready to go, she never misses a good occasion to travel. For her, traveling is to meet new cultures but also learn and get enriched from these experiences.

Ilias, 21 yo, first year « work/study » master student in System and Network Administrator.
Very keen of travels and new encounters, he was enthusiast about the idea and directly accepted to jump into the venture. Autodidact, he is passionate about computing and web development. Ilias also enjoys sport. He has a black belt in karate and he is an assistant coach in this sport.

The Karam Team is also the people who helped and supported us during the development of the project and still do: our family, friends, generous donators and active members of the Trip & Karam community.