Trust & Safety


Look at the profiles and read the references carefully

Before travelling or meeting a member, take the time to read carefully the references of your host, guest or contact left by the other members. Also read what the member says about himself, his pictures, friends and any other information about himself.

It's better to choose verified members. Their ID, means of payment and phone number are verified by our services securely (see verified member).

Learn about the local culture before leaving

Don't forget to learn more about the local culture before travelling. Life habits, cultures, religions, sensitivities and your place in the society may differ from a country to another. The expectations according to the age, the gender and the social class can widely vary from a place to another. Make sure to stay respectful and polite in all circumstances. Use governmental resources and consult the headings of security in order to know where you can go, at what time and how etc..

Always have a plan B

Wherever you go, always have a rescue option in case of emergency. If you have to stay at a host's, make sure to keep in touch with other karamers, in particular with ambassadors. Ambassador's role is, amongst others, be present in case of emergency. Be careful, This doesn't mean they can always host members. Stay autonomous and independent. Take your precautions.

Trust your instinct

If you don't feel at ease with the idea of meeting, hosting or staying at a member's while seeing his/her profile or having conversations. Trust yourself and change your plans.

If a person doesn't make you feel at ease or puts you in an uncomfortable position, also change your plans and report it by leaving a reference on his/her profile. Report it to us if needed. Don't forget that you can close your profile to the opposite sex.

Communicate through the platform

Before meeting a member, communicate via the the platform. Learn to know the person, make sure she/he is coherent in her/his discourse and if the person seem real. Avoid talking with another mean of communication if you want to stay safe. Indeed, It will be impossible for us to act effectively in case of warning of bad behavior if the conversation has been in another platform. Give your phone number or a mail address once you met the person in real.

Leave a reference

In order to ensure more security and to build ties of trust within the community, make sure to leave a reference to the persons you meet. Be honest and objective while telling your experience with the member. Help the others know better the persons they will meet.

Report any bad behaviors to our team

In case of emergency, contact us